How Indoor Mapping Makes Shoppers and Shopkeepers Happy?

By Anderson Harford 2016-05-27 00:00:00

Indoor navigation and mapping is finally here and becoming a reality. It is beneficial to every person who finds himself lost in a complex building for the first time. It may be useful to a lot of people, but indoor navigation and positioning is the most advantageous to the retail owners and also, the shopaholics.

Retail owners and shopkeepers find that their business can be increased largely by making use of the indoor mapping technology in the right way. Marketing can be made more customer-centric and attract the target customers more efficiently.

Let’s say you are walking around aimlessly with your friends in a shopping mall. You get an alert in your phone that there is a flash sale in a store on the second floor. An average person would decide to just check the offers out and have a glance at the goods offered. If the offers seem reasonable and the goods are worth it, a customer tends to purchase the item, irrespective of whether they had planned to buy that commodity in the beginning or not. This is just in the case of an average person. Shopaholics tend to purchase more on impulse and indoor navigation takes advantage of their impulse buying.

Coupons are also offered based on indoor positioning. Location-based couponing makes mobile advertisements much more relevant and the right customers are targeted.

These marketing schemes attract the customers to the store and once inside, indoor positioning applications can also guide the users to locate the right items easily. The aisles of the store are mapped and it provides the users with useful information on what is available in the store and where. Market giant Jibestream is working to make more advanced changes in the business intelligence of indoor navigation and mapping technology.

 This business intelligence makes the shopping experience of the user much more convenient by answering the customer’s following questions

In addition to all this, indoor navigation also allows users to share location information with their family and friends to find them in large, multi floor complexes.

Shoppers and staff can be connected quickly to provide better services and crowd can be monitored and crowd-control measures can be taken when necessary. Indoor navigation can also provide details on exit and can aid in evacuation using exit maps and directions in case of emergencies.

Indoor navigation is highly advantageous in a variety of fields, but is of more value to the retail industry. Shopkeepers are happy because the sales target can be met quickly by carrying out targeted marketing. This advertising also costs considerably less than the traditional advertising methods. Shoppers are happy as they can get hold of information on the best deals and offers, receive and redeem coupons and have an over-all pleasant and satisfying shopping experience. Thus, Indoor mapping indeed creates a win-win situation for all involved.

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How Indoor Mapping Makes Shoppers and Shopkeepers Happy?

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